Past Exhibition


19th to 31st May 2008

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Past Exhibition by Ebenezer Sunder Singh:
19th to 31st May 2008

Superman - Narcissist



Superman - The Fall

Every Man's Burden

Suffering is Purification

Superman - Egg Pole

Superman - Unborn

Superman - Mother

Superman - I

Hair Grow

Hollow Man - After T.S. Eliot

Superman - Sisyphus

Superman - Father Taught me to swim

Superman - Defence - I

Superman - Defence - II

Superman - III

Superman - IV

Superman - Yali - II

Superman - Gurdian Angel

Superman - Babies of Zarathustra

Superman - Above and Beyond

Companions oil on canvas

Cathedral oil on canvas

The Lion for Real oil on canvas

Sharing The Planet oil on canvas

Tight Rope oil on canvas

Constellation-II oil on canvas

Beuyes Room oil on canvas

Air to Air oil on canvas

Constellation I Bronze

Lizard Muse, Bronze,

Lizard Muse, Bronze,

Jonah Bronze

Minotaur Bronze

Minotaur Bronze

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