Alexander Devasia | Alexander Devasia Bio

Bachelor of Fine Arts - Painting, College of Fine Arts, Trivandrum (1979-1985) and Post Graduation, Faculty of Fine Arts, M. S. University, Baroda (1986-1988)

His solo exhibitions include Mekham-Speaking Clouds (2008) and Song Of The Crowd (2006) Pundole Art Gallery, Mumbai, Singing In The Rain, Galerie Mueller & Plate, Munich, Germany and Pundole Art Gallery, Mumbai (2005), Hotel Apollo, Regensburg (2003 & 2004), Jazz-Club-Galerie, City Museum, Regensburg (2004), Galerie WebKunsthaus, Weßling (2000), Autoren Galerie 1, Munich, Germany (1999 & 2000), Ten Suspended Images, Times of India Gallery, Cochin and Pundole Art Gallery, Mumbai (1997 & 1998), Paravoor Public Library, Kerala (1996 & 1993), Work on Paper, Pundole Art Gallery, Mumbai (1995), Gallery 7, Mumbai (1994), Chitram Art Gallery, Cochin (1993), Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai (1991) and College of Fine Arts, Trivandrum (1983)

A selection of his group exhibitions include Representation – II, Triva Contemporary Art, Trivandrum (2007), Double-Enders, a travelling exhibition Mumbai, Delhi, Cochin and Bangalore (2005), East-West, Galerie Mueller & Plate, Munich (2003), Group Show, King’s Foot Gallery, Madison (2003 & 2002), Foreign Artists living and working in Munich, Trafo Neuhausen, Munich and Contemporary Art from India, State Museum for Ethnology, Munich (2001), Artists of the Gallery (paintings), Autoren Galerie 1, Munich (2000 & 2001), Drawings during his travels in the Lakkadives Islands (1996, 1995 & 1993), Poster Campaign Against Religious Fundamentalists organized by Cochin Corporation, Kerala (1993) and Question And Dialogues, M. S. University, Baroda (1988)

Along with Sylvie Bantle he has made some short films and documentaries, Mortuary - Joseph (1999) received the Bronze Award at the 22nd Tokyo-Video Festival, Santhi Bhavan - House of Peace (2000) and Chakara (2001) all 3 documentary films were screened at Hermann Hesse Festival, Germany (2002)
Searching for the Dancing God… Kerala’s last Shaman,103 min. (2007), Morning Paper and Tea, 19 min. (2003), Rain, 6 min. (2005), this film was screened at his exhibition preview Singing In The Rain, Pundole Art Gallery, Mumbai (2006) and a video installation (silent) 23 faces – 23 biographies’, 37 min. (2007)

Alexander lives and works between India and Germany.
Alexander Devasia